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At school


VARIMAGES enables children to take an active part in developing the plot of picture stories. This stimulates their imagination and develops logical thinking; playing with the interchangeable elements requires flexibility and provokes comunication. Each new idea for the story line must be well planned, resulting in a plot which makes sense as a whole.

Tips for language support are enclosed with all 4 stories in every VARIMAGES cardboard box.

The VARIMAGES Stories At school depict possible ways of dealing with typical situations at school.

Stories: First day at school – Homework – That̕s not fair! – Playtime.

Contents: 4 stories with 3-5 pictures each, 12,5x12,5 cm. Each card has between 1 and 4 empty spaces to insert interchangeable picture details.

84 interchangeable pieces with individual picture elements. With instructions.




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